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Why should I get a critique?

What will Best Beta Reader look for that matters to my readers?

  • Characterization

    Do main characters have a consistent look and feel? Do they behave in a fashion that matches their personalities, capabilities, and beliefs? Does the reader learn about each character in an interesting way that makes sense?

  • Narrative Voice

    Who’s telling the story? Does the narrator remain the same throughout the writing? If not, does the change make sense to the reader? Does the narrator increase the reader’s interest and enjoyment?

  • Point of View (POV)

    Does the POV fit with the Narrative Voice? Does the point of view from which the reader experiences the story change? If so, does it make sense to the reader? Does the POV work in the reader’s favor? Does it pull the reader into the story and aid the suspension of disbelief?

  • Plot

    Is there an inciting incident that grabs the reader and launches the story? Does each scene entice the reader? Do scenes reveal something new? Do chapters show change? Is there rising tension that spikes the interest of the reader? Does the reader care what happens? Is there a satisfying confrontation/climax that delivers on the story’s promise to the reader?

  • Total Reader Experience

    Does the story gain the reader’s trust? Does it keep the reader wanting to read? Does it ever confuse the reader? Do errors in the text break the reader’s immersion in the story? Does the author ignore their own rules and allow the impossible to happen? Are there times that the reader questions why they should keep reading?

How do I know I can trust Best Beta Reader?

I am happy you asked that question!

I'm Aldus Baker, a writer and reader. I've read and discussed books by other authors with those authors. I've worked with and learned from my own professional editor. Those things taught me how to spot and correct problems.
Best Beta Reader lets me share my hard earned knowledge with you. I provide a valuable well-informed critique of your manuscript. You get knowledgeable written feedback.
Best Beta Reader does what I want my beta readers to do. It points out specific issues that damage the reader experience and praises things that connect readers with your story.
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